• Economical  displacement  sensor
  • Economical  displacement  sensor
  • Economical  displacement  sensor

Economical displacement sensor

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Economical displacement sensors such as SDHB08-1 are adopted to measure the outline dimensions of the product, so as to ensure the high-precision measurement requirements while controlling the use cost. This kind of displacement sensor can be adopted separately, and the output signal is 0.5-4.5V. It can also be used with a transmitter. The transmitter can be equipped with more than one displacement sensors. The transmitter can analyze and process the acquired displacement sensor signal to obtain the outline dimension data of the tested product and gives the result of whether the structure dimension is qualified. If needed, the relevant further corrected information can be provide. 


With high precision and economy; Small size,and suitable for small tooling ; Equipped with transmitter and upper computer,the detection function is diversified.


Product contour detection ; Parts processing and inspection ; 3C shell processing and detection; Precision parts processing and detection .


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