Positive displacement flowmeter

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Product Description

Introduction: This kind of the flowmeter is based on the principle of volume to realize the dynamic state monitoring of liquid flow (such as automobile fuel consumption). Its measuring precision has the characteristics of not affected by oil change and road bumps. The supporting flow totalizer can display instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate, and total time and so on. The matched transmitter can be choosed for supporting, which can connect with GPS through the Modbus protocol of RS485 interface output standard, and is widely used in the field of flow measurement and automobile fuel consumption monitoring.

Feature: Small size, light weight and good seismic resistance;  Installation accessories: with interface connector and the installation is easier. High precision flowmeter (fuel consumption meter), calibration free.

Application: Diesel engine fuel consumption measurement ; Hydraulic oil flow measurement;  Quantitative supply of coating material ; Beverage quantitative filling.

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