RUN FOR LOVE * One foundation

2011 Shenzhen (Yantian) Mountain Marathon
On December 18, 2011, under the lead of SOWAY’s leaders, our 14 colleagues took part in “RUN FOR LOVE * One Foundation-- 2011 Shenzhen (Yantian) Mountain Marathon”, which was held by Shenzhen Yantian District Municipal Government, Shenzhen Tourism Bureau, and Shenzhen Charity.
This socially useful activity combined sportsmanship and public charity, sport and tour together, which was widely acknowledged by all parties. Also it makes the cultural connotation of sport richer. This activity has become one of famous sporting events in Shenzhen folk.
The activity of this year raised 2.3 million RMB, which will be used for plans of “One Paradise” and “Ocean Heaven” to help more underprivileged children. “One Paradise” plan is faced to help the poor children in disaster area and western areas, to help them build junior rides and improve their living environment. “Ocean Heaven” plan is to help exceptional-handicapped children.
So each participant not only to challenge a self-limits of 42km mountain marathon, but also got involved with charity, which made the sporting event of “RUN FOR LOVE--- Shenzhen (Yantian) Mountain Marathon“ has a more lasting significance.
The founder of “One Foundation”, Jet Li (one very popular Chinese Kung fu actor) who was present at this activity to cheered the participants on. This year there were 6986 participants, it is the most of these 3 years. The participants come from 21 countries and regions, among them were 124 foreigners, and participating enterprises were over 68.
The 14 participants come from our company Soway Tech limited all successfully completed 11km marathon of “Experience Team”.
See you next year “RUN FOR LOVE”! We will go on participation!